The Poodle Dog Lounge is an awesome little dive bar in Austin. I do not think the locals knew what to think of these rejects from the 70s

The Sponsors went all out this year:
Myself, Todd Saunders, and Dan Marcontel
Bobby Greenberg, Barb Ehle, and Sean Glynn (in the pimp daddy red suit)
Marisa Manheimer never looked better
Bob Feiner with a fro'
Chris Hegeman in undertaker brown and Dan Marcontel in piss yellow
Tom Carter and his ho's
Les Campbell opted out of the toga this year
Sean Riley on the far left and Matt Richardson in pink (how appropriate!)

Travis Arthur looks good as a pimp daddy
Peapodpals?? What's up with that?

Bob even asked the President to come, but he said he was too busy running the country

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