This year was the best year yet! Even better than Dallas. All the elements were there, some of which I will not mention, but one thing was sure- everyone had a great time and no one got hurt

The smoke from the DJ made this pic of the sponsors bad. My focus this year was most certainly not on photography.....

I was pimping hard that night

These ladies were decked out enough to show twice

Rollergirl even showed up. Again, my photography sucked as I cut off her head. Here she is with her man

Robin is enjoying the menage a' trios. Krisha and myself watch as she traps another dude

I could not be outdone by my brother, so we had matching gold teeth this year.

The crowd was huge

Another pic of the dance floor

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Bob told the president about it thinking he would have time now that he is leaving office. He just laughed.......


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