This year's party brought the true 70s life back. We will continue on as long as the weird in Austin keeps coming out!!

A taste of 2008 below

The sponsors outside the bar before party started

Even the Austin Mayor came out to get down, get funky....

The crowd was one of the biggest we have had in years

It took 16 years for the best shoes ever to show up

And here is the best shirt ever

Once again, Mark dazzled the crowd. I couldn't pay a pro to do a better job on the crowd....

I tried to keep up in the fur, but Mark was unstoppable

The crowd rocked the bar. We even had a couple who found us on the web the night before and came out to get funky. I need a picture of them if anyone has it

Oh My..

Tom Carter and friends

When I started seeing the crowd through these lenses, it was time to go home....

What better way to end this montage than with a

spread of Mark at his finest.....

And a whistle to say goodnight.

Terry. Our DJ is the best funkadelic pimp we know. He has been spinning the disco since 2000.
If you need a great DJ, call Romeo Productions at 512-442-5613

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