This year we had a great turnout and very creative costumes!. Lots of new faces that I have never seen before! Great to see!

Here are some of our great guests and more great costumes!

The Village People

Hugh Hefner

Hugh even brought both wives!

Blues Brothers

Rollergirl... Sean Glynn needs to get some skates

Steve Rubell came out of the grave to re-live Studio 54 nights....

Flight attendants with authentic uniforms from the 70s (their mothers were flight attendants in the 70s)

2 actors from the hit TV series Lost (Workmen, but at least from the 70s time of the show....)

The famous Texas Shamrock motorcycle gang

Dancing with the Stars contestants

Not sure who the guy in the red shirt was, but he had to be famous.....

Claim to fame: Bought a white Caddy for the party!

And here that Caddy is covered with Sponsors before the bash.

Another classic "end of the night" photo......

It is almost time to make the pilgrimidge to the World's Largest Disco to Austin!! Who's with me??
World's Largest Disco

And like last year, we should end with the best attendee of the party who I feel is like the professional fan.
We could not pay Mark more for his awesome costumes and great time he gives everyone!!

The next day, I suffered. We always eat a bit at Hutts to try to soak up the night before....

Terry. Our DJ is the best funkadelic pimp we know. He has been spinning the disco since 2000.
If you need a great DJ, call Romeo Productions at 512-442-5613

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